Who Is Hybrid Warehouse?

'Hybrid Warehouse' is a vintage warehouse events space on the outskirts of Fremantle with a heavy focus on bringing people together via community activities & events.

We run our own events, including workshops, live music, live podcasts, art exhibitions, exercise classes, parties, bucks / hens' days, daytime vintage weddings, team building days, basic meetings ..... pretty much anything within reason! So, if you like the look and feel of Hybrid Warehouse, just tell us how you want to use it and we’ll make it happen!

Additionally, ‘Hybrid' is a co-working space throughout the day with a fully functional 1973 Kombi Ute Bar always pouring come mid-afternoon!!

You don't EVER have to feel alone when you're a member or guest of 'Hybrid Warehouse' either at work or play.

Come and join our community!

Be kind & Live Hybrid-ly

We currently have 2 different types of membership:


(1) Co-working Membership for those who want to work in a funky, live space and be around other people

(2) Hybrid Friends Membership for those who just want to be a part of Hybrid and enjoy the benefits 

Both memberships have huge add-on benefits, so please check out the membership page for further info as we would love to have you involved and feel free to get in contact with our Founder Darren Payne on 0417 546 927 or freo@hybridwarehouse.com.au at anytime!

PS - Check out our sister company "The Collective Effect" on the website too as they help you feel more content about your finance life to create space to do more of the things you love!!!